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My son Sean has the best hands in the east. He knows trigger points and can relieve stress in an instant. I have had falls resulting in a left broken ankle in three places, problems with my left shoulder, and my left side is especially a problem with scoliosis. I also have arthitis in my left elbow and left wrist, both knees, shins and ankles, left and right hips, and my neck. Headaches stemming from sinuses and jaw pain are also a problem. He knows exactly where and how to go about relieving the pain. He makes time to give me 1-1/2 and 2 hour massages. He also visited my work place of four co-workers. He helped them to feel very relaxed and relieved with his chair massage while he was there. He was only there for a short time and within it released their stress. He knows the right way our bodies are meant to feel.

Donna O'Brien: hardworking mother of two and proud grandmother of Wappingers Falls, NY

I have had massages over the years and have used different massage therapists. About a year and half ago, I made a promise to myself, in the attempt to relieve stress from my body, to get a massage once a month. At the time that I made the promise, I was a member of a gym that had an on-site spa. In keeping my promise, I made an appointment for a massage and that is how I met Sean. I have been a client of his ever since that day. Sean is by far the best massage therapist I have ever had. He has honed his skills to the point where he is truly an artist at what he does. I have always felt in good hands with Sean and every time when I get off the table at the end of a massage, every ounce of stress that I went in with, has been erased.

Thanks Sean and best wishes for continued success!
Bill C.: Brooklyn, NY

Sean is quite simply amazing! I have been consistently seeing Sean for about six months. As someone who maintains an active weekly schedule that includes weight training, yoga and running, adding visits to Sean has brought the right balance to my routine, and I believe has improved my performance and well being. I have been to many massage therapists before, but Sean stands head and shoulders above the rest. He has a unique talent that allows him to identify and treat the right areas of physical tension. I highly recommend a visit.

Melvin G.: Brooklyn, NY


Sean O'Brien's massage is by far the best massage I have ever experienced!  I would call his massage a fusion of an intuitive approach and extensive knowledge of the body.  For me, a healing encounter above all. I started going to Sean five years ago when battling a recurring chronic painful issue related to my SI joint.  Sean came highly recommended as someone who would best attend to any kind of pain-related problem.  With his healing holistic appoach and superb and sensitive work with my chronically injured tissue, I no longer needed to return to physical therapy and medical offices.  Healed from my injury, I now enjoy Sean's tune-ups that always hit the spot.  His massage is truly an art!

Martina M.: Brooklyn, NY


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