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Paraffin Hand or Foot treatment with massage or reflexology-Parrafin wax is applied at a hot temperature and as it cools turns to a solid glove-like state over the skin.  It helps seal in moisture, leaving the skin smooth and supple.  The heat of the treatment allows increased bloodflow to the tissue which helps to bring oxygen and nutrients to the area as well as remove toxins and relax tense muscle tissue.  Massage or reflexology completes the treatment!  $30 15minutes; $60 half hr.; $75 45minutes; $90 per hr.

Swedish- the most modern sought after form of massage. Light amounts of oils, lotions, and/or creams are used to relax the body and help stimulate the circulation and brain/endocrine hormone function. $90 per hr.

Shiatsu- an ancient Japanese method of aiding the body in self-repair. It strengthens weaker points in the bodies energy function and calms painfull or agitated muscles or unruly disfunctioning organs and systems. It can also be used to relax the mind and set one at inner peace along with regular meditation and stretching routine. $90 per hr.

Trigger Point Therapy- A great modality that complements deep tissue work and also may be focused upon for entire sessons. Used to pinpoint constant areas of muscle spasm, cramping, and pain. $90 per hr.

Deep Tissue- A branch of swedish massage dedicated to aiding the average working individual or athlete. It gets to the heart of a muscles problematic nature and breaks down scar tissue to begin the regeneration of injured malfuncioning tissue. $90 per hr.

Thai Yoga Massage- An Eastern modality based on the meridians of Aruvedic healing. An ancient style that accompanies energy work and stretching in passive/assistive yoga poses for an overall mind/body healing experience. Performed on a mat with exercise/yoga clothing. $90 per hr.

Sports Massage- The best way for an athlete to get warmed up for an event. It uses a rythymic, fast paced, resting movement of both joints and muscles along with stretching. This produces maximum optimal function and response for performing key fundamental tasks of skill in your preferred sport of choice. $90 per hr.

Reflexology- A ancient form of healing using mapped out body organs and tissues on the hand, ear, and foot to produce a desired effect without working on an area of the body. May also be performed fully clothed. $90 per hr.

Manhattan Luxury Massage- Class A service to your door in your Manhattan residential location or hotel.  This treatment uses only top quality oils and highest quality microfiber sheets money can buy.  $250 per hr.

Craniosacral Therapy- 

What is Craniosacral Therapy?


Craniosacral Therapy is a form of therapy used by a professionally licensed healing touch or medical practitioner. It is a form of therapy that benefits the Cranioscacral System. The techniques of Craniosacral Therapy and the idea of the system were developed by Dr. John Upledger. The findings of Dr. Upledger and his colleges from the College of Osteopathic Medicine at Michigan State University through studies concluded that there is movement in frequency and amplitude between cranial bones. The discovery of rhythmic movement in the spinal cord of a patient in surgery led to Dr. Upleder’s theory of the Craniosacral System. This system includes the Brain and Spinal cord Dural Tube, its membranes, and its osseous connections, or connection to bone. The “Pressurestat Model” was the idea that the tissues of the Craniosacral System and their control centers in the brain influence the rhythmic flow of the Cerebrospinal Fluid that nourishes and protects the tissues of the Brain and Spinal cord. The rhythm and flow follow its own unique timing much like the rates of cardiac pulse, breathing, muscular contraction, and nerve conduction. The therapy was based on Craniopathy developed by William G. Sutherland, DO. Dr. Sutherland used techniques to manually correct abnormal cranial bone motion. Dr. Upledger adopted Dr. Sutherland’s techniques and added his own techniques to develop Craniosacral Therapy following the rhythmic movement of the system and manually correcting imbalances with light touch and Craniosacral rhythm monitoring. Craniosacral therapy is appropriate for all ages and all walks of life.

How can it help me?


Craniosacral Therapy can help all walks of life. Any vertebrate mamal, which we are, benefits from Craniosacral Therapy. In aiding your body to return to it’s natural rhythm without restriction or barriers, the Cerebrospinal Fluid flow will improve and become balanced. With a properly functioning Craniosacral System your body will function optimally and over time ailments, aches and pains, and disorders and dysfunction or the change of experiencing them shall be greatly reduced. It will allow you to be your best self functionally and help to relax your body while enhancing your focus at the same time.  $300 per hr. for adults $200 per half hr. for pediatrics treatments

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