Sean O'Brien Licensed Massage Therapy

Superior, Caring Bodywork



I am happy to annouce that I am now a certified Upledger Craniosacral Therapist at the techniques level! The services offered page will contain more information on Craniosacral Therapy and it's benefits.


Sean O'Brien is a graduate of the Hudson Valley School of Massage Therapy and the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in Advanced Personal Training. He realizes that the local community and commuters moving through the area have accumulated a significant level of stress and injury throughout their daily lives. As a result of this Sean is willing to work with the client on a professional, yet somewhat personal level, addressing the very day to day activities that lead to tension in the client's body. Sean has done extensive work with orthopedic patients with tendonitis, hyperkyphotic scoliosis, moderate to severe strains, and chronic spasm. With the combined input of the client's knowledge about themselves and their daily schedule, along with Sean's intuitive training and insight, the client will no doubt be impressed by the results they receive. 


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